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Why Ordering in a Man is as Easy as Ordering in Pizza

As a single woman in my 40’s, returning to the world of dating was more than a little daunting. I mean, the last time I was single was only a few years old and I had my fair share of terrible experiences meeting men there. Like men totally misrepresenting themselves with pictures that were either 10 years old or 50 pounds ago. Then there were the painfully lengthy profiles to fill out and agonize whether I was saying the right mix of non-threatening language yet describing what I did want. The entire process was exhausting. With one disappointing coffee date after the next. And plenty of freaked-out, weird men. Remember that? Online dating was just not mainstream at that time.

Fast forward to 2016. The world has changed, including the way we meet people. “App dating” is now incredibly popular and people are meeting up within a matter of hours of connecting virtually. And the person you meet in real life generally looks like the person you connected with on the app. And because you haven’t set up a whole bunch of expectations with a lengthy profile, you can just meet up and see what’s what. It can literally be that easy and uncomplicated.

In order to meet a man on an app and have a good experience, it does take a little practice. And it all depends on your objective. If you indeed just want to get laid (and sometimes that’s all we need – right ladies?!), you will find that is super easy. But you still want to be with a quality man, even if it is just for sex. You need to trust your instincts while communicating with said man. Does he seem like a nice guy or do you get a sense that he might be a bit selfish? Does he have a fulfilling career and a full life? Will he be interesting to talk to? Is there something you can learn from this man? Yes, we all need sexual fulfillment, but that becomes much easier and more gratifying if you find this man interesting and kind as well as sexy. This is the type of relationship that you deserve.

My objective is usually to find a partner who I enjoy spending time with, who is generous in bed, who makes me feel beautiful and smart and is genuinely a nice person. At this point in my life, that is all I want out of a relationship. I am a busy lady and I love my active life and often hectic schedule, but sometimes I just need to feel a man’s arms around me. Luckily, technology makes meeting someone to fill this role in my life quite easy (nearly as easy as ordering in pizza!). And you will find there are a lot of really awesome men out there who are seeking exactly the same thing. Humans actually need other humans. Go forth and Tinder, Bumble or Hinge up a new man in your life!


Anne Grey
Twitter: @annegreywrites
Instagram: @annegreywrites


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