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Why Love Is A Great Source Of Inspiration

As the fire that ignites our creativity, inspiration is vital for a fulfilling life because it energizes us, brings us a new wave of ideas and it makes us see old things in new ways. That said, it is not easy to provoke inspiration, mostly because we don’t fully know how it works. However, it is proven that strong emotions can generate a powerful stream of inspiration.

Inspiration is crucial for any human endeavor, it is the seed that allows anything to grow. In this regard, it works very well with love and with being in a loving relationship. No matter how interesting we are as individuals, our perceptions about things can become stale after a while if we don’t learn to open up to others and to explore their perceptions in relation to ours. In a relationship, we are required to open up completely and sincerely to another human being and this creates a channel of communication that allows an air of freshness, novelty, and excitement to arise. A great relationship can be a greater way to knowledge than a trip around the world, because it allows us to see the world through the eyes of the person we love. We have a chance to connect at a deep level with another human being, to share both our inner and social lives, to explore new perspectives, ideas and ways of acting, thinking, or loving.  This is precisely how inspiration appears.

What better way to live a passionate life, filled with emotion, than being in a loving relationship? When we love we are prone to go through all sorts of extreme emotions, mostly positive ones, besides some negative ones. If we learn how to recognize these emotions we can channel them towards growth and use them as an inspiration to live meaningful, creative, and fulfilling lives. We can wake up each morning inspired by the love for our partner.

When we feel inspired, we feel powerful. Our motivation and our desire to achieve things grows unprecedentedly while our ability to understand grows deeper. We can finally see a clear horizon ahead, where anything is possible and where we are the heroes of our own stories. Nothing can be achieved without inspiration, that divine energy that puts us right in the flow of life.  However, we cannot summon inspiration directly, just by wishing, praying or thinking. Inspiration visits us in peculiar moments, usually when we put ourselves on the frequency of intense emotional waves. A love relationship makes it easier. We are flooded with love for the other, we become curious about everything concerning their life, their mind and their soul, we feel elated, we feel excited about the future or rather anxious about it, we might feel jealousy, and all sorts of emotions. These emotions have the ability to tune us to the level of inspiration, because both emotions and inspiration operate beyond the logical reasoning of our brains. They slow down our powerful rational minds to allow for a greater power to circulate within us. Simply put, love is inspiration.

Inspiration allows us to see the paths ahead more clearly and to find the confidence to believe that we are capable to follow any of these paths and to do it in a great fashion. Inspiration allows us to pursue our dreams without fear and hesitation, and to believe that we are worthy of our dreams. At the same time, it gives us the strength to work for what we want, while maintaining the faith that everything will fall into place.  Without inspiration, we cannot even conceive that there is a possibility for us to escape our current state and to reach a higher one. That is why inspiration is the key for a life of growth. When you feel inspired, everything speaks to you, every problem you see becomes an opportunity to explore solutions, not an obstacle to deter you from your growth.

 Inspiration works on every level of life. It sustains our personal and professional life with new and excellent insights. It bolsters spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. Inspiration is the force behind any creative pursuit and creativity affects how we dress, how are homes look like, how we manage our jobs, what hobbies we take and even how we cook. Inspiration works hand in hand with creativity. There is a lot of creativity in a loving relationship, in how we show our love, but most importantly, love and relationships are the most important playground where we can feel inspired, motived, confident, and energized.

 A loving and lasting relationship is the source from where we gather our strength and where we can work on our assets to become better and better. If we don’t feel inspired by the person we love and by the relationship we work for, then that is an unhealthy sign which should tell us that there are better ways to live.


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