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How to Choose the Perfect Lubricant for Better Sex

Love making is pleasurable only if both the partners enjoy the act. However, sometimes women experience vaginal dryness which can be due to hormonal changes or due to some medications. Use of lubricants during sex or during masturbation helps in a number of ways such as:

  • Less friction in vagina or anus
  • More sexual pleasure by lubricating the clitoris
  • Oral sex more enjoyable by using different flavors of lube
  • Keeps the vaginal skin soft

The personal lubricants are widely available in shops and even in online stores. The various types of lubes available in the market is sure to make anyone confused. There are basically three types of lubes – Water based lubricants, Silicon based lubricant and oil based lubricant. Before using any of these products always remember to test it out on a small part of the body to check for any adverse reaction on the body.

The 3 widely used lubricants are as follows:

 Water based lubricants : These lubes are the most widely used. They go with every-type of toy and also compatible with latex condoms. They are easy to clean and less messy. Whenever the lube dries up, one can add water or saliva to make it slippery again.

Silicon based lubricant : One of the main advantages of silicon based lubes is that it lasts longer than water based lubes. However, they cannot be used with silicon sex toys as the toys can degenerate because of severe chemical reaction. The lubes can be used with toys not made of silicon and latex contraceptives. Silicon lubes are costlier than water based lubes as well as harder to wash of bedding and clothing.

Oil based lubricant : The widely used oil based lubricants are Vaseline and vitamin E oil.  These kind of lubes are perfect for masturbation but should not be used with latex contraceptives or toys. It is also very messy and difficult to clean up and also many people are allergic to vitamin E oil.

So get creative and spice up the bedroom activity with the most suitable lubricant for you. Make sex truly romantic.

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