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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

The Top 10 Ways to Meet Rich Elite Singles

Dating a prosperous man would feel more secure than an ordinary person. We all know that many elite singles inject more effort in online dating websites, as they are so busy to meet people one by one. To enhance your probability of dating an elite rich man, look for reviews of the most excellent dating […]

how to be thankful for your broken heart

I fell in love for about the trillionth time last year. He was 5’10 with brown hair (they always are, I have no control over this). He had dark rimmed glasses, perfect skin and warm brown eyes. He looked like a combination of The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric and Clark Kent. Total dreamboat. Every word […]

Maturity Is Getting It Done, No Whining

Are you mature enough to pass the light bulb test? I’d been sharing my mid-20s with an educated, sane man for more than two years when he remarked in his cheerful British accent how amazed he was that given all the time we’d been in our apartment, not one light bulb had ever stopped working. […]

Discover 5 Simple Keys To Happiness – Be A Happier You!

      What does happiness mean to you? Is it all about feeling good? How to be happier in life? Is it all about getting satisfied with your work and relationships? Well, let’s keep these questions aside. Do you really think that you are a happy person? Admit it. Most of us have already […]

5 Reasons I Love To Dress Up For My Husband

Not every day, but fairly frequently, I throw on a flirty dress just to wear around the house. When I do, I style my hair, and dab on a bit of makeup, just for an audience of one. My husband. It’s been my habit for some time to do some special preening from time to […]

5 Best Gifts For Her That Will Show How Much Dedicated You Are!

Looking up for some great gifts for your special someone can be quite a task, isn’t it? Especially all you boys out there, the biggest task for you is to decide upon a gift for her, right? So here it is, an article designed just for you to help you make the choices easier and […]

Older women seeking younger men

Old fashioned courting usually involves a more mature man courting a younger woman, or possibly a couple of approximately the same age. A new change to the dating dynamic is the concept of a “cougar” – a mature woman who looks for younger men to date. True cougars are mostly single women, normally in their […]

Relationships And Self-Development – What Are The Essential Factors

Image Credit: The ability to maintain relationships is determined by personal skills of both partners. Understanding that, relationships is not a market economy, in which everyone can flourish by only caring about themselves and the ways they present their services. Most of the problems occur in the relationship because of the selfishness and unwillingness […]

I Spied On My Husband- And I'm Not Sorry

It’s December 7th, and Christmas is swiftly approaching. We have a less-than-adequate amount of time to finish our holiday shopping, so that was my cross to carry this morning- which of course carried over into the late afternoon. As I muddled through tab after open tab on my iPhone searching Amazon and Hearthsong and dozens […]

Reality Is Not Affiliated with Hollywood

It is an integrated part of my happiness to help women find the rhythm in their relationships. If I ever manage to convince women to be themselves, to be true, to be real, to be confident, to love who they are, to walk with poise, and to talk with certainty… If I ever manage to […]