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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

I Spied On My Husband- And I'm Not Sorry

It’s December 7th, and Christmas is swiftly approaching. We have a less-than-adequate amount of time to finish our holiday shopping, so that was my cross to carry this morning- which of course carried over into the late afternoon. As I muddled through tab after open tab on my iPhone searching Amazon and Hearthsong and dozens […]

Reality Is Not Affiliated with Hollywood

It is an integrated part of my happiness to help women find the rhythm in their relationships. If I ever manage to convince women to be themselves, to be true, to be real, to be confident, to love who they are, to walk with poise, and to talk with certainty… If I ever manage to […]


CAN’T ORGASM? YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE. It’s natural to blame yourself for not reaching orgasm every time or at all when you have sex. It’s equally as easy to blame your partner for not getting you there either. As it turns out, you both could be getting in the way of your ultimate pleasure. But […]