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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

What do you do?

What do you do when you think you’ve met the one?  But aren’t sure?  When you’re with this person and feel happy and complete, but at the same time are so unsure.  Me?  I walk away, I hide – run away and close the door on my feelings. Why?  Because what if I get hurt? […]

She Will Haunt You

You can’t place the enchantment in her eyes. She’s foreboding. But not here for you to experience or box into any one word. She is bigger than your perception and stronger than your need to savor her flame. She frightens you because her fragrance is the last star shining brightly in the morning sky. She […]

It's Okay That We're Different

I’ve written before about the many ways in which my husband and I have different preferences. Often when people learn that Hubby and I have so many differences, they assume we must be constantly negotiating and compromising, or that we live in a state of constant discord. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m […]

See and Be Me

Portraits by Photographer Peter Jamus After this current presidential election, I spoke to some woman and read a few posts and articles about their concerns for their futures and the futures of their daughters. I’m not sure what changes lie ahead for us. None of us know. I’m not sure if this will be a […]

How to Get a Life (so you can get a boyfriend)

Please don’t complete me. And I won’t complete you. As romantic as Jerry Maguire is, “you complete me” is pathetic. In fact it can even destroy your relationship. The last thing you want to be is half of a whole. Because that translates to an incomplete person. And when it comes to relationships, two halves […]

Words to live by,some sweet things to say and winning people's heart !

  Words are a very powerful tool ,it is said that you are what you say .Words can win people’s  heart as well as they can create distance in the relationships.May it be maintaining good relation with the parents,friends ,siblings or may it be making some place in someone’s heart there are always some sweet […]

Agree or Disagree?

My husband and I are completely different. I think about this when one of us is driving and the other is a passenger. We have different ideas about speed, lane changing, and distance from other cars. We have very different ways of choosing a parking spot. Our differences are obvious around the house. We don’t […]

Celebrating A Closed Chapter

Relationships come and go from the time our parents allow us (and for some sneakily) to have them. To understand our adult relationships one must acknowledge how the past has played a part in who you become as a partner and what you value in others. So, let’s start from the beginning… My first ‘boyfriend’ […]

Get Ready for Breakup Season!

How’s your relationship? Feeling distant? Communication has been spotty? Now’s the time to dig in and do the work to fix it. Or risk losing it. Because the most popular time of year to breakup is only a couple of weeks away.    Thanksgiving through two weeks before Christmas is, according to studies, when couples […]