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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls


This is not a post about politics.  This is not a post about the economy, climate change or the musical Hamilton.  This is, very simply, a post about kissing. The act of kissing goes back thousands of years, and has been celebrated, regulated, banned and repopularized more often than Laverne and her friends practiced that “whisper” […]

Thin Skinned?

On average, men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s. It also tends to have a rougher texture. Most significantly, women have many more nerve receptors per square inch of skin than men do. This may explain a few things. It likely explains why some men tend to minimize women’s discomfort. If a woman says […]

Why Your Boyfriend Must Also Be Your Best Friend

Some people might argue that a love relationship is not the same as a friendship. We might say that a love relationship is actually a lot more than a friendship because it is a friendship plus intimacy. We share with our lovers things that we might never share with our friends. However, the line between […]

Why Didn't My Eggs Fertilize During IVF?

One of the hardest parts of being an embryologist is having to tell a patient that, after all their hard work getting their eggs ready for retrieval, there is nothing good to report the next morning when we check the eggs for fertilization. Hopefully this never happens to you.  But  there are times when we have […]

Love, Life, and Logic

Set in Exotic India, Singapore, and in Central Europe, the multi-cultural novel captures the individual struggle of a young man against the seemingly unnamed, unknown, anonymous power of the universe.   Rohan grows up in a middle class family in a small town in Goa, India. The story develops as he scrambles for his answers. […]

Natural ways to enlarge or improve your Breasts

According to a survey, many women are not comfortable with their size of breasts but do not want to undergo the knife or any surgery. No, you aren’t alone. This is the case of many women around the globe, and they prefer going for natural methods for enlarging the breasts. Though, it takes more time […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Relationships in College

College is like a huge party where you spend time with different characters of people, especially when it comes to relationships and love. It is a tricky game to be in college especially when you’re new to college life. College is an energizing time with new encounters and random experience. Some want to jump appropriate […]

9 Questions He’s Hoping You’ll Ask Him on a First Date

No. 1 is a trick question. First dates follow a very specific set of rules that set them apart from pretty much every other form of human interaction. It’s two people who are interested in each other sexually trying to get to know one another. Basically, when the only common denominator the two of you […]

What are the places to meet sugar mommas in San Diego

Places to impress sugar momma in San Diego When it comes to relationships, it is hard to find our type in the current fast-paced world With the busy schedules that take all our time. Especially when your type is sugar mommas and You need to get more out of the limited time you have. But […]

Tips for Bi Men Dating Trans Women

Different words can have the same meaning, even when our ears hear them differently. Women and trans women are different words and it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that both conjure different images or at least have different connotations attached to them. Nevertheless, they are not different. What we mean is a trans woman is […]