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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Finding the Perfect Soulmate

Not long ago I read an article by a young man who had been amazed when he learned that many people from his grandparents’ generation had simply chosen spouses who lived nearby, rather than conducting extensive searches for ideal soulmates. The author of the article was convinced that these old folks had missed out on […]

What Do You Mean We Aren't Married?

It sounds like a plot from a sitcom. A married couple discovers that, due to some technicality, they aren’t legally married. This really happened to a couple I know. Jack and Jill had been married for several years and had a young son. One day Jill got a phone call from her ex-husband, Pierre. Pierre, […]

The Truest Assessment

Since I began sharing my story of survival a few years ago, I’ve often been asked if there is anything I would change from or about my past. People want to know if there is one thing I would do differently, re-do, or not do. The answer has always been the same: there is not one […]

Raising a gentleman

To this day, whenever a man opens a door or holds my chair out for me, I glow a little inside. A little bit of gentlemanly behavior goes a long way these days. And maybe that is one of the reasons why I try to show my son how important it is to be a […]

Better Choices For Better Results

If all your problems are caused by other people and circumstances beyond your control, then you will never be able to solve them. You will be trapped in a miserable world of victimhood and blame. It’s true that sometimes events and circumstances work against us, and sometimes other people do things that have negative effects […]