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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

The Danger In Going Back

For quite some time after we got divorced, my ex-husband made a concerted effort to get me back. He did everything from getting another house in Allen (because he knew I loved living in that city) to getting me a car (I amended the divorce decree in order to make that thing legal and binding). […]

Self Love Series: Are You Happy With Yourself?

Self Love Series:  This series is to remind each of us that we have to LOVE, appreciate, and be happy with ourselves before we can genuinely give it to others.          I wanted to share this after going through a month of NO COMPLAINING! It was easier said than done.  Seriously, this meant […]

All Done With Crying All Over

I have cried on all forms of public transportation, including planes, trains, subways, buses and London tubes — I lived in England for several years — and, naturally, I’ve cried in my car. Every woman who drives a car has cried in it; why there isn’t a permanent tissue holder next to the steering wheel […]

Get amazing love gifts for her, inspired by Feng Shui art

  Are you planning to give your loved one the amazing gift? Then remember that valuable presents are given by heart. So, love gifts for her inspired by Feng Shui art reflects the care and appreciation you have for your partner. Gifts are known as the token of affection and are adored by everyone. They […]