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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

My Gratitude for the Storm, My Praise for the Pain

Who wants to be hurt on purpose? No one does. Who wants to be hurt period? No one does. Who wants to feel their heart break into a million and a half pieces? No one does. Live long enough, though, and you’re bound to experience some kind of pain. That pain may be the result of the […]

Take Time to Drink the Wine

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve asked—some might say nagged—my significant other to open the prized case of expensive wine he has relentlessly guarded for years. The client who presented him with the generous gift twenty years ago didn’t expect him to pass it down from generation to generation like a Persian rug, […]

Giving Someone a Fake Number- is it just me?!

“C’mon!” He leans dangerously close, one arm slung across the bar and one half-around your back. To anybody else he’s a friend leaning in to talk into your ear. Maybe even a boyfriend! But in your drunken mind you know he’s a stranger, and that you’ve already told him once you don’t give out your […]

My Number One (So Many Firsts)

My first crush wore a red Winnie the Pooh shirt. He had blond hair. His name was Paul. Red was my favorite color. Blond my favorite hair.   Although I’d learned how to read and write a bit by that age, I did not practice writing my name plus his last name repeatedly. I didn’t […]