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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Love, Unexpectedly

In the rare moments where I actually have spare time (and there isn’t a game on), I sometimes find myself channel surfing, often ending up at the Hallmark Channel.  And when I’m not listening to another Golden Girls episode in which Sophia takes a jab at Blanche’s “ahem”… active sex life (I swear I wanna […]

Is He Joking (As He Claims) Or Is It REALLY Verbal Abuse

He says he is only kidding … but my core felt demeaned and devalued. Verbal abuse can begin as small digs disguised as jokes. Your boyfriend or husband teases, ridicules and humiliates you with sarcastic remarks about your appearance, personality, abilities and values. If you tell him, “I don’t think that’s funny,” or you ask […]

Brangelina: Why We Rejoice In Other People's Divorces

Back in what now seems a life time ago, before kids and mortgages and migraines set in, my husband and I were friendly with a couple we called, privately, “the beautiful people.” They were, quite simply, gorgeous to look at. He was a tall, athletic and European and she was a lithe, exotic artiste of unknown […]

Another Letter to the Bride

It happened again. A friend announced her wedding. For her, her wedding day is the most special thing that can happen to a woman. For me, not so much. So here’s what I’m thinking of telling her. Your wedding is going to cost us, your family and friends, more than we can afford, or want […]

Gifts You Can Consider Giving to Your First Date

It can be an over-exciting experience to go on your first date. If you have been on a lot of dates, it might not stir the passion in you, but things are pretty different for a first timer. While you are worried about the character and personality of your first date, you are more worried […]

The Curse of the Middle Aged Singleton

When you’re a single woman in a world full of marrieds, life can be tough. Unless your network consists entirely of very close friends with whom you communicate honestly and regularly, the sad truth is you ARE going to be judged, misunderstood, and regarded with suspicion. There is also a sliding scale of apparent wantonness […]

Review: Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms

As Condoms Fast’s top-rated condom for larger-sized penises, you’ve more than likely already deduce that this particular condom isn’t your typical puny, piddly prophylactic. And after my foray with this jumbo jimmy hat, it comes to find out that indeed, the Trojan Magnum Thin is both tremendous and not to be trifled with. This is momentous news, for robust folks on the journey for […]

What They Don't Tell You About Postpartum Recovery

I loved being pregnant. I truly did. I’m not here to tell you some amazing story of how I never experienced a rough day while pregnant, because that wouldn’t be true. I suffered from awful heart burn every day, got horrible headaches throughout the entire first trimester, and I cried from pain anytime I walked […]