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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Dating in 2016

Dating in 2016 is rough.  I never thought that it would be this hard.  I saw this meme the other day that I felt was a pretty accurate description, “Dating in 2016 is weird as hell because everyone’s playing games.  It’s all about showing each other how much you don’t care.  Just weird.” It is […]

Sex is Art.

Sex. It’s everywhere. It’s on my mind. It’s on your mind. Get over it. In a pigeon-hearted society where delusive misconceptions have individuals scared stiff and casually talking about the weather, dishonorable politicians, jaw-dropping destitution, turbulence, malignant influences, and global warming until they’re blue in the face, the expressions of discomfort, disinterest and reluctance are […]

Review HBO's Divorce From A Woman Who's Been There

HBO’s Divorce, the new show starring Sarah Jessica Parker, is both raw and funny.  I read a few reviews that weren’t favorable so my expectations weren’t exactly high. I’m happy to report though, that this show based solely on the Premier episode, has a ton to offer. There is a great deal to sink our teeth into. It […]