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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

"Fall"ing for the Little Things

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season!  And not just because of the donuts and apple cider, either (cue feelings of Michigan cider mill-induced nostalgia).  Leaves begin to fall from trees in a fascinating spectrum of colors ranging from deep red to a stunning gold.  Clear, sunny days are swapped out for thick, overcast […]

You are 30+, yet, no man!

I understand the pressure from family and friends for you to just get “anybody” to call your man.    Also the pressure from within  yourself at this point is unbearable.   Not that you are under spell or something. It is just time.   Some will say she was ignoring every advances when she was […]

So Are You too Good to Date Online?

Hey Hunty Boo Kitties! The last week has been extra cray but just know I have some new topics, and beyond alladat, I am working on bringing some vlogging into the mix soon! So continue to ride with the kid, I got you!So let’s get into this topic kids!So a little while ago (meaning like […]

15 Words Of Affirmation For Your Spouse

My primary love language is ‘Words of Affirmation’. It means I LOVE when The Mister showers me with compliments, sweet cards, love notes and gratitude. If your primary love language isn’t Words of Affirmation but your spouses is, it can be difficult to find the right words that they need to hear. Don’t worry, I […]

Modern Views on Young Marriage

This post by Ashleigh Elizabeth was originally published at Her Happy Heart [image credit: Sky Simone Photography] I have the torso of a ten-year-old boy and more baby-hairs than what is acceptable for an adult. I’m well aware that I look like I’m 12. However, it was never so obvious to me until after I […]

Why I Write Romance Stories

When I was a little girl, my mother told me that I would be a writer.  She pictured me having a lucrative career writing fictional books for children.  But while she may have hit the nail on the head with my career, she couldn’t have been more wrong about the genre I would choose to […]

3 Reasons Why You Experience a Break-Up

No one wants a relationship to end but without understanding why, you will keep hoping from one relationship to another. To ensure you do not keep repeating patterns, here three reasons why your relationship may not last: You are Lonely Loneliness makes you settle and give in to any potential partner that shows up in […]

Just Slip Out The Back, Jack

Just Slip Out The Back, Jack As you all know, The Snark does love her some Gwyneth Paltrow and her out-of-touch-with-reality outlook on life. I do look forward to the GOOP Gift Guide coming out every year. Not only do I always need fresh stocking stuffer ideas for under $100,000, the laughs it generates around here has become my main source of […]

First Podcast with Tim Baughman – Dating Horror Stories

INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S LATEST GREATEST PODCAST which doesn’t have a name yet or a clear direction just me, Tim Baughman, Tim’s radio skills, my totally irrelevant podcast expertise, and between the two of us, one decent sense of humor and some good stories. Give it a listen, and then, if you love me (or him, I […]