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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Just Slip Out The Back, Jack

Just Slip Out The Back, Jack As you all know, The Snark does love her some Gwyneth Paltrow and her out-of-touch-with-reality outlook on life. I do look forward to the GOOP Gift Guide coming out every year. Not only do I always need fresh stocking stuffer ideas for under $100,000, the laughs it generates around here has become my main source of […]

First Podcast with Tim Baughman – Dating Horror Stories

INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S LATEST GREATEST PODCAST which doesn’t have a name yet or a clear direction just me, Tim Baughman, Tim’s radio skills, my totally irrelevant podcast expertise, and between the two of us, one decent sense of humor and some good stories. Give it a listen, and then, if you love me (or him, I […]

Mr. Lifer – The Beginning

MrsCatLady- When I moved uptown at 15, I was super excited. New friends, new beginning and a better neighborhood. My mom was a full time career woman so I came home to an empty home a lot. One day in our new apartment, we were getting cable installed. I, not appearing to be a 15 […]

the other girls..

The Other Girls…  Seems like there will always be other girls that he needs attention from.. there will never be a moment where it is just one girl that he wants to be happy with, just never will be. Two years with someone knowing that you aren’t the only girl he’s talking to, hurts a […]