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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

How Cutting Cable Can Improve Your Marriage

On July 14th Brandon and I finally made the decision to cut our cable service with Comcast and I’m here today to tell you that cutting cable was one of the BEST decisions we’ve made lately. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not like their programming is all that great anyway. Most of the shows […]

Not Sure If You're Actually Having Sex? I Can Help.

When I stumbled upon evidence that the man I’d loved and trusted for 20 years had a secret girlfriend for the past 10 of those years, he tried to deny it. “We never had sex!” he told me. And I believed him. For about two minutes. “You never kissed?” “We did kiss.” “Did you hug […]

On Facebook or Insta, In Sepia or Black & White… I Do.

When my now-husband and I got engaged, I chose not to be a Pinterest bride. I worked hard at not getting sucked into the “must-do” lists and “what every bride…” blah-de-blah. We put a priority on the things we and our guests would remember, not how it would be captured in photos to share with […]