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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Our Social Media Lives

This past weekend I decided to stay home, relax and catch up on all the shows I’ve missed. Of course, I didn’t plan to check my social media accounts, but who makes time for that? Social media will unconsciously grab your cell phone, put it on your hand and make you start scrolling. As I was […]

An adventure to see lava

Last week end, we had the opportunity to whisk the girls away for an adventure to see live lava flowing into the ocean.   Per usual, my antiExiety kicked in—after notifying the ex about our trip, he told me I was endangering the children by traveling during storm watches and questioning my judgment.  I decided […]

Two Simple Steps To Let Go of Stuff That's Hurting Your Progress

  Are you afraid to leave a situation even though it’s hurting you? People, including you, like to control their situations by hanging on to what they know because the unknown is scary.  That makes sense,,, sort of, if you are a masochist.   How can you get around this? I had a friend that […]