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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Protect Yourself from Online Dating Scammers Using Google Image Search

Online dating for women over 50 is, unfortunately, a mine field because scam artists abound.Before you approach a man on or respond to a message, take a good look at the photo. Scammer Clues If your first impression is “He’s good looking,” check again. Does he almost look like a movie star? Next, look […]

Staying Together Without Childless Nights

I don’t know about you, but I’m always seeing blog posts, articles, and pins about the importance of date nights, how to have them, ideas on the cheap, and ideas for nights at home. For me, it can be annoying to see all these articles because quite frankly Hun and I don’t have childless date […]

9 Ways a Revamped Household Got Me the Guy

  ‘An Unattended Home can be the Biggest Hookup Hindrance’ You might not believe me if I shared the concept of ‘Sexing Up the House’ for a better love life. As much as it sounds unrealistic, there is a lot of thought behind this newly discovered phenomenon. I am a single and independent woman who […]

Friend Rquest

To be friends You asked me if we can be friends…I thought I was your friend, and you were mine. I gave myself to you, I loved you-is that not a friend? I listened to you, let you sleep on my lap when you were tired, I massaged you when you were stressed-I was your […]

Wedding Bells

I vividly remember the day my son Danny, and his bride Alli were engaged. It was a beautiful summer day and our families got together for a wonderful celebration in the city. Their engagement was two years, and I recall thinking back then, that there would be so much time to plan for their actual […]

Condom Shape Chart

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This condom shape chart should help you in pick the right condom style that will aid in making condom wearing more enjoyable. Reservoir Tip Condoms– These are regular condoms. The reservoir tip acts as a trap to collect semen. Non-Reservoir Tip Condoms– These condoms feature a straight wall design without a reservoir […]

The Lesson I Learned About Being Present in the Moment

I learned a valuable lesson recently about being  fully present in the moment, and valuing the people who are right in front of you. A close friend of mine recently ever so gently, called me out on leaving the 2nd half of her birthday celebration early, because I was all in my feelings about there […]

The Rich Abuser

The police found her at sunrise, slumped over the steering wheel in her white Lexus. The socialite huddled inside a mink coat, her jaw slack, saliva drooling. Her wedding band and engagement ring sparkled in the morning light. They tried the door. It was locked. One of the officers knocked on the window; she didn’t […]

Must women think all men want sex from them after helping them?

If just a man request for sex after a favour he did for you, that does not mean all men are the same.   There are many men out there who can do anything for any woman without favour and without minding what other guys out there will term them.   The issue is that there are […]