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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

5 things you should not say to your wife after a long day.

Elizabeth Doren Especially after a long day. You worked all day. You pick up two tired kids at daycare and then of one of the next 5 things are said…lets just say mommy dearest gets irrationally angry. 1. What can I do to help? Answer nothing. You shouldn’t ask you should just do it. […]

Is It Easier To Be Fat And Proud When You're In A Relationship?

It’s more common for fat-positive writers and activists — particularly women — to be coupled. There’s Lindy West and Ahamefule J. Oluo. Kate Harding and Al Iverson. Lesley Kinzel and Dennis Scimeca. In fact, it was Kate Harding’s blog post “On Dumb Luck” which sparked my observation: I’ve noticed that a lot of the people […]

Do Soul-mates exist?

As  a married woman who will be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary next year, I often wonder if soul-mates truly exist. Don’t get me wrong I do love and care for my husband. We met in jr. high, started dating when we were 15, and have been together ever since. Yet, I’ve never really felt […]