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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Things that make me swipe left

I stumbled upon a draft of this post that I had previously written almost a year ago. I never finished or published it because I had soon gotten into a relationship with my Tinder sweetheart and no longer had the heart to pick on people from the pool of singles I had happily left behind. […]

Guide To Giving Gifts To Your Significant Other

The fact is that many people are difficult to purchase gifts for and a gift card just isn’t personal enough. Different people have different tastes with some just wanting a low key birthday and others want a big deal made of it. Luckily there are gifts for everyone including those who say they want nothing. […]

Another Way to Look at Nagging.

Nagging: repetitive inquiring/asking/reminding, with a tone of escalating irritability. Why, oh why, do we nag?!  It annoys the nag-ee. It actually even annoys the nagger! Plus, nagging doesn’t work. Even if it elicits the desired results (i.e., the thing we’re rattling on about actually gets accomplished), it’s with a certain weary spitefulness.  So why are we compelled to […]