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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Better Than Me

Everyone had expected me to be upset by my divorce- perhaps a little angry, definitely hurt. I was all of those things, but my reasoning actually just came to me. It bulldozed its way into my brain and then sat there: horrible, awful, and unpleasant, just waiting for me to address it. So here it […]

Ace Your Date With These Simple And Working Tips

Your first date can prove to be like your first interview. You will feel nervous about it, but don’t let your nervousness make you commit errors at such an important occasion. The thing that could give you some confidence here is that the person you are meeting might also be nervous just like you. With […]

Married With Kids? 7 Ways to Make Things Better.

“…it is ironic that the child, the embodiment of a couple’s love, so often threatens the very romance that brought that child into being. ” — Esther Perel, “Mating in Captivity”   Kids, you know? They’re so cute. Such a blessing! So all consuming. The arrival of the first baby often shakes up the equilibrium of the relationship. This […]