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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

My Story Isn't Over {Re-writing your breakup story}

This is a hard post to write but I started this blog with the intention to share a piece of myself in a way that could make someone out there not feel alone. If I encourage even ONE person with this blog post, then I’ve accomplished my goal.   This past year has been crazy […]

It's OK to be where you are

Sometimes the hardest place to get out of is that uncomfortable place that is sneakily disguised as a comfort zone; that place that keeps you stuck, keeps you from growing and moving forward. It’s this dark place that wants to keep you where you are; in depression, in stagnation, bitterness, in indecisiveness.   You WANT […]

It's My Birthday … So What?

It’s my birthday and I’m another year older and like every year before this one, I woke up exactly the same. It’s a sensation which didn’t change with age; the feeling of waking up on your birthday to absolutely nothing extraordinary. As a child I was convinced if I concentrated hard enough, I’d feel something; taller […]

5 cute little gifts to give him

Love an immortal feeling spice it up by giving these cute small gifts to your loved ones . Totally affordable and fun    Take 2 chocolates one for him and one for your own self add 2 tags on each chocolate and write “for king” “for his queen ” respecively on each tag and give […]

4 Signs to End a Toxic Relationship

Okay, I get it. Feeling lonely sucks! However, if the decision to stick with some one who treats you horribly or at the very least, does not treat you the way you should be treated (not everyone gets waited on and I understand that)- YOU HAVE MADE THE WRONG DECISION. This goes for both sides, […]