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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

6 Ways To Absolutely Stop Blaming

I was doing breakfast dishes, and as the plates cleared out of the sink I saw that the plug was not in the drain to catch the goobers, and they were down in the drain, waiting for me to fish them out.  Grossed out, annoyance flashed through my mind and I found myself mentally blaming […]

Rebirth After the Pain of Divorce

I thought I had gotten rid of all of his-and our- Christmas ornaments. While listening to what should have been upbeat holiday music on Pandora, however, Canon in D started playing. My wedding processional. Probably most people’s wedding processional, and definitely NOT what I thought of as a Christmas carol. It was at that moment […]

The Weight of "I Love You"

“I love you.” So much power is contained within such a small phrase. The intention of saying this in a relationship is to bring two people to “the next level.” The impact that it has could do just that, or, conversely, could do the opposite; one of the people in the couple may become scared of the […]