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Romantic Ukrainian Girls

Meet The Romantic Ukrainian Girls

In the "Perpetually Doubting Myself" Club

I thought reaching the exact middle of the project would unleash a vibrant burst of successfulness. I envisioned the middle to be “when” something… When I’d have a certain number of followers or when someone might discover me or when I’d have something else written, something of substantial significance. Instead, the date came and went, burst free. July […]

Taking Him for Granted

How many of you ladies out there have taken the time to look at your husband? Have you taken a look at little details in his face, hands, hair? Do we take the time to really and truly appreciate him as we know we should? So many of us, want them to notice us from […]

Tips for Your First Vacation with a Significant Other

With everyone’s busy schedules these days, couples can go years without going on a real vacation together. Planning something as simple as a weekend away at the beach seems complicated, let alone a real vacation where you can fully relax. Vacations that last a week or even longer can be a rite of passage for […]

something i'll never tell him

You’re into someone again aren’t you?  You guessed it right. His name straight from the bible. Guess it and you win. when a girl is into someone, theyre deeply in. At this point, theres no going back. Its over. So what should I do? He’s in college, im a senior in highschool. EVERYTHING about him […]